Saturday, February 5, 2011

Super (Duper) Bowl

When I was still in my teens I was told I would never be able to have children, so when my husband and I found out we were pregnant with our oldest daughter you can imagine the joy felt, but with happiness came uncertainty and fear.  I had my life planned out one way and in an instant the money we thought we'd never have to spend for diapers, clothing and college was spoken for.  The financial aspect was the least of our worries, as life was just, simply not going as I had planned.  Instead it was to be much better than the path I had set forth ahead of me!  SO MUCH BETTER!!!!
Molly's footprints
Newborn Molly
Molly, 2 weeks
Molly was a ham from day one!

Molly was born in June, 2005 and my life changed more than anyone could have prepared me for; our lives were filled with more laughter and joy than in my wildest dreams.  Life was good! 

Molly, taken by Aunt Katy

Our sweet and adorable Molly
Super Bowl, 2006 had one big winner and that was our family!  We found out we were pregnant with Reagan that day and, with the doctor's prediction of not being able to have kids, knew we were surely blessed a second time around.  Molly was 8 months old and getting ready to a big sister. 

How Daddy found out we
were having another girl
4 months pregnant with Reagan
Reagan was born in September and she was TINY, staying in the NICU for 10 days.  This was the first time in my life that I knew what it felt like to be completely out-of-control-of-the-outcome.  I was never so scared in my life, all the while feeling as though I had to put up this 'front' of being completely confident and strong.  One day when I was walking down to see Reagan the father of a little girl who was just next to our baby girl was sitting at a table outside the NICU entrance, sobbing  uncontrollably; as though his entire world had just shattered beneath him.  It did!  His little girl had just lost her fight and the little body that he didn't get to rock in his arms, but so often touched, stroking her hair and running his finger along her little fingers and toes, as he stood outside an incubator, forced to stick his hands through small openings, unable to hold her in his arms would not be going home with her family.  I wanted to be able to take away the pain I saw his body attempt to release through tears and the occasional clinched jaw, you could see his large frame collapsed by the devastation as the table was almost all that kept him from falling to the floor.  In the same instant I wanted to rush to my baby's side, ensuring that she was still alive.  I walked over to him, not sure of what I'd say or what there was to say; nothing makes times like these less agonizing.  I hugged him and didn't say a word, not even I'm sorry.  I knew those two little words seemed so cold, so unimportant, to meaningless at that moment.  I couldn't imagine what he and his wife were going through.  I didn't want to know first-hand.          

Newborn Reagan in the NICU

Newborn Reagan, Still in the NICU

Our funny and beautiful Reagan

Reagan was released and came home, a happy, healthy, wonderful baby.  She rarely cried, neither of our daughters did.  She was a wonderful sleeper and didn't get up much through the night, that is the way they both were.  We were blessed beyond measure!

Clockwise: "Aunt Wally", Molly
and Reagan, Halloween '06
The girls have gotten older and are more of a joy every, single day.  They fill our lives and home with such laughter.  They amaze me more than I could have ever anticipated.


While the Super Bowl is a time when most fans can tell you when, or if, their favorite team took home the trophy and ring, and gather with wonderful friends to chow down on guacamole, chips, dip, wings and pizza....I can honestly say I'll always remember it as one of the greatest in my life, because we found out our team was growing that day!  Life is GREAT!

Molly, Age 5

Reagan, Age 4


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