Thursday, February 3, 2011

Why We Walk

Meet Landon!  This little boy is the reason we are raising money for and walking with Team in Training!  His story will melt your heart and touch your soul. 

To donate, please go to The Barnes' Team In Training Donation Page

For ever $10 donated one entry will be made in the raffle for a custom-made afghan

....And every person who donates any amount will be entered in (each of the) raffles for:
            1) Crocheted Deluxe Spa Facial Cloth and Hand Towel
            2) Beautiful Crocheted Scarf

Photo Credit: Landon's Blog


After months of joint pains, random fevers and a case of what doctors thought was Epididymitis, we received the news that no family wants to - my beautiful, four year old son, Landon has cancer. On July 4, 2009, Landon was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL).
After an eleven-day stay at the Levine Children's Hospital, Landon went home to face a new chapter in his life, a three and a half year fight with leukemia. As a parent, one of the biggest challenges was trying to answer when his "blood would be all better". It's hard for a child to understand exactly how long three and a half years is. Landon and his mother counted out 1,300 pebbles and put them into a vase. Every night before bed, Landon picks a pebble from the vase and prays for strength with it, and then puts it into a box.
Once Landon is done with treatment, he wants to take his box of pebbles to Fripp Island and throw them in the ocean and CELEBRATE! Landon's treatment will end September 9, 2012!! This vase of pebbles has really helped Landon visualize the road ahead and when his blood will be better.
Landon is a very outgoing, friendly, sweet, brave and smart little boy! He loves meeting new people, especially children! He has a gift of making everyone feel like they are his best friend. Landon loves playing outside, reading books, helping with recipes in the kitchen, making crafts, playing video games, and watching movies.
Our family would like to encourage all Team In Training participants to fight for a cure! You can check on Landon’s progress by following his blog at:

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