Friday, January 21, 2011

Pay It Forward Friday

Yesterday my husband, Mike, was showing our daughter, Molly, our wedding pictures.  She was so excited to see them. 

My Husband

      Molly's tea party-- taken just before they looked at wedding photos

I haven't looked at our wedding pictures in such a long, long time and that day seems as though it was a lifetime ago at times, yet it also feels like it was just yesterday at other moments.  In the chaos of life, especially when you are raising children, it's easy to forget how you felt the day you said, "I Do!"  It is easy to lose sight of the person you fell in love with, as over time you no longer truly SEE them very often; even if you look at them every, single day.  For those of you that are married and have been for some years, you know what I'm talking about.  Looking back over our wedding pictures reminded me why I love Mike very, very much...and why we stick it out, even in the bad times (and if anyone ever tells you they don't have rough patches, they're either newlyweds, lying or they've already checked out of their marriage, and they are floating through---feeling no emotion).  I appreciate that periodically, out-of-the-blue, I'm taken back to the emotions and excitement of the day I married my best friend.  These brief glimpses at our past and remembering our hopes for the future are priceless to me.  Something I can only describe as a type of sentimental time travel seems to occur when you can look around you, surrounded by your many blessings, and reflect on a time when you dreamt you would one day obtain all you now hold. 

Me and My Daddy, September 25, 2004

Mike, on our wedding day

On this Friday, my goal is to remind others they are loved.  I am making gift baskets to give those I encounter that look as though they need a smile or a reminder that they are cherished.  Feeling as though you are important and valued is one of the greatest gifts we can give a person; and yet we are the recipient of such joy when we take the time to honor someone else. 



My beautiful Grandma and Mom in the background


  1. awww...what a beautiful bride:) and i love that photo of you and your dad!

    great post.

  2. I still have a photo of Joe and I on "your" day....can't say I remember much but I have proof I was there.