Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Great Giveaway!

There is little that makes my day wonderful more than getting mail that isn't bills or junk mail.  It's a fact that we don't use snail mail like we used to, with the advancements made in social networking, email, texting and instant messaging; but, oh how I still love getting the occasional card or hand-written letter!  I used to be much better about sending out cards and recently have slacked off.  I want to get back into the habit of sending 1 card a day, because I know they make someone smile when they arrive. 

I'm proud to introduce the shop where I'll buy a lot of my cards from and the creator is Katy Lunsford.  Her products are personalized, beautiful, fun and cheery. 

Katy is sponsoring this giveaway with a set of 5 beautiful cards from her Flower Power collection that could be yours!!!

Flower Power set of 5 cards

8 Ways To Win

  1. Post a Comment, telling us how often you mail out cards and what you love about getting cards in the mail
  2. Follow I've Bean Hooked and come back to tell me you're a follower
  3. Share this contest on Facebook and come back to tell me that you shared
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  5. Add Katy Lunsford's Etsy Store to your favorites on Etsy and come back to let me know
  6. Follow me (lizbarnes77) on Twitter and come back to let me know you're one of my favorite birds
  7. Follow Katy (LollyLinens) on Twitter.  You can get to her thru this link and come back to let me know you are one of her favorite birds
  8. "Friend"  Katy Lunsford on Facebook  (a link to her page is provided) and come back to let me know

You can enter as many of the 8 ways as you would like!  Please submit an entry for each that you do.  Winner will be picked by  Contest ends on February 5, 2011 at 12:00 pm. 


A Bit About The Crafter
Katy Lunsford

Can you tell everyone a little about yourself and how you got started crafting? Ever since I can remember I have been crafting, I had to ask my mom for a definitive age and she said at age 4, she came home one day and I was making Barbie furniture. My dad was a General Contractor and I was using wood scraps, nails and hammer! Then it continued in Bible School with ceramics and Brownies and Girl Scouts earning those patches! Now, I am fortunate and very thankful to have my own shop as one of my creative outlets.

I know you as a gifted scrapbooker and admire your phenomenal eye for design, fabrics and unique finds, but what is your favorite craft?
I don't think I can narrow it down to one - - papercrafting, sewing and knitting are my top 3 favorites at the moment.

Where would you like to see your Etsy store and crafting venture lead you in five years? I've always been a live for the moment kinda girl - but I hope it will be thriving and include more products.

Thank you for providing readers with an outstanding giveaways!
Thank you for the opportunity.


  1. ....and the winner is......#6
    aPearantly sew said...
    I follow Katy on Twitter

    January 30, 2011 10:02 PM

    Congrats, Alison!!!!