Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Where Babies Come From

Reagan, 4 years old

I didn't think I'd have anything to write about today, but a trip to Carrabba's with my two favorite little girls changed that.  Molly and Reagan enjoy pretending they are driving while we are on the road, but tonight I was along for the funniest ride yet. 

Molly, 5 years old

The girls were pretending that Reagan was a train conductor and took us to New York City (a place that our girls are fascinated with, though they've never been....).  It must have been a high-speed train, because we went from Cornelius, NC to New York City, NY in less than three minutes; that includes the time it took to turn in our tickets.  Reagan informed us, upon our arrival to NYC, we could pick out a baby to take home.  Most people leave the Big Apple with a taxi cab patterned coffee mug or a miniature Statue of Liberty...but, on Reagan's tour of NYC you could bring back a bouncing baby girl (only girls,  no boys; I asked).  I told her I would be happy to take a baby and asked Molly if she would like one also.  Molly quickly informed me that she could not get a baby because she is NOT married (super proud Mommy moment for me here).  Molly said, "You have to have a husband before getting a baby, right Mommy?"  Reagan replied with, "Yeah, you have to be married, but babies come from cupcakes.  The Mommy eats a cupcake with a baby in the middle of it and the baby goes to the Mommy's tummy where the baby grows."  Cupcakes?  Hrmmm, this would be a new one for me.  I asked Rea where she heard that from and her response was priceless.  "Ummm, Momma, cupcakes are baby cakes, aren't they?  Well, what comes from baby cakes?---babies!"  Ohhhhh, of course!!!!  What was I thinking?

 Day Three....wider than a scarf, not yet a blanket.