Monday, January 3, 2011

Well, here goes nothing......

For years I have thought about starting a blog, uncertain that anyone would even fnd my words worth reading.  I also found myself overwhelmed and intimidated by the thought of blogging; it seemed like such a daunting task to take on.  Boy, was I wrong about the latter.....setting up a blog could  not have been more simple.  Now, we shall see if keeping up with one is just as easy. 

I am a coffee junkie who picked back up my crochet hook and Red Heart yarn after ten years of not making as little as a baby doll scarf.  Well, I shouldn't say that I've picked back up MY crochet supplies, the originals were ditched many years ago, as I decluttered.  I actually have an amazing husband who went out and bought what I needed so I could crochet a blanket.  I don't know if he was so anxious to have me crochet again because I keep the house just cold enough to freeze water (and he needs a warm blanket to bundle up in for survival) or if he has discovered that I don't talk very much while counting the first loops (and he doesn't get much quiet time when I'm around).  But, whatever the reason, I choose to believe that he ran to Wal-Mart because he loves me dearly. 

My friend, Katy, came over today and had a g hook and a skein of yarn with her.  My plan was to teach her to crochet, but it turned out that I never surrendered the hook and yarn to her; instead I made her a wash cloth....and with that, I was once again hooked.  No pun intended.

I look forward to seeing where this blog goes and I hope that I don't bore the one or two readers, I'll likely have, to tears.  If nothing else, I hope to be able to keep up with this better than I ever did a diary or journal; with the devotion more of that I've given my Facebook account.

Day One.....The start of my blog, and afghan.


  1. Yippee!!! I have my first follower. This woman must be a smart, smart, smart cookie to follow this blog. Ha Ha. It's my best friend. Thanks, T. You rock, squirrel. :)

  2. Chuckle at your sense of humor on FB...had to subscribe. We all need some comic relief :-) You just may inspire me to pick up hooking again LOL

  3. Glad to see you started a blog...this year is full of changes.