Saturday, January 29, 2011

Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone

Tomorrow will be my first day walking/running with Team In Training.  I am a girl who has NEVER done a marathon of any type.  The closest I came to walking any distance was when my dear friend, Kim, and I would walk a circle in downtown Statesville.  I was certain we were hoofin' it for no less than 3 miles.  I can't stand my odometer, it says we were walking about 1 mile.  She and I also signed up for a charity walk; it was March of Dimes or something like that, if I remember correctly.  We walked (another) circle and stopped off for breakfast at 1st Rx Pharmacy.  Breakfast was delicious and the other walkers/runners looked great as they passed by.  Go them!  :)

I have never enjoyed working out, and my body is proof of that!  I joined the YMCA many years back, for the first time, and went with another dear friend, Lynda.  My work out consisted of three or four machines, 15 minutes and fighting to stay awake at such an early hour.  All this, as geriatric patients ran circles around me.  That was my first and final trip to the Y....until years later.  Mike was deployed and, again, I joined the Y so that the girls and I would have another outlet for burning off energy.  It was well worth signing up, or at least for the time I went in and had my ID card made; that was the only trip on that membership. 

So, as you can see, I'm no Jillian Michaels, Jane Fonda or Susan Powter (surely, you remember her....the upbeat, fairly annoying instructor that had a shaved head) fact, I'd bet that Roseanne Barr exercises more frequently than I. 

We are supposed to meet in Huntersville tomorrow morning at 8:00 (AM!!!!---YIKES!!!!!) at a coffee shop.  I know that part of me will just want to drink coffee while watching the rest of the group walk, or run, off and I'd be happy to cheer them on as they kick off their training......that part of me is pretty much all of me!  Thankfully, peer pressure is fabulous motivation, so the fact everyone else is going to be doing the 3 miles will make me want to train more than if I had to go it alone.

I write this post, knowing that there is a possibility I will be writing a follow-up post stating I put in my 3 miles and it was fun while it lasted.  I hope that is not the case....I REALLY hope that's not the case.  I hope I have more stick-to-it'ness than that.

For now, I sit on the couch, doing what I'm most comfortable with; watching TV, crocheting and working on my laptop.  These are all things I'm good at; talents I've invested a lot of time in.  In just a few hours I'll be out of my comfort zone and off my couch, leaving behind my crochet hook, my yarn, my remote control and my Toshiba....but, until then, I'm going to marinate in these little luxuries.

Since I have no photos of me, or anyone else running (yet), I thought I'd post pictures of something I'm already okay at....crocheting.  Here are some of the projects I've completed this week.  My blanket is about 3/4 of the way finished and I had to put it down, as it became monotonous, to work on projects I could complete quickly. 

Happy weekend, all!!!


And....another scarf

 .....And, another......

 .........One More

What I call a Sharf.....a shawl/scarf.  It's nice and thick so you could bundle it up as an extra warm scarf or use it for a shawl

Basket of 4 facial clothes


  1. Just looked on Etsy and found out that "Sharf" is not my's an actual product.....and, some of them go for as much as $275. Oh me, oh my. Maybe I should open an Etsy store.

  2. HOw did the run go! good job! way to go! Want to run the cooper river bridge run in charleston? Are you running a full marathon? where?

  3. I walked it out, but it was 2 miles that I would have not tackled otherwise. It went well and my ankle started getting weak towards the end. I am doing the half and hope that I'll be able to run the 13 miles, but at the very least I'll do a run/walk. Wish you were going with us to San Diego. I am REALLY looking forward to it. Are you doing the Nashville Marathon?